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Improvements for North Creek Trail, Section 3 are now complete and include:

  • 630 feet of paved trail
  • 1575 feet of gravel trail
  • A pedestrian boardwalk through wetlands
  • Accessible pedestrian push-button upgrades
  • ADA curb ramps
  • Wetland mitigation


The North Creek Interceptor Project is coming up.  King County will be constructing 2000 feet of pipeline within the North Creek Trail, Section 3 project limits between 214th St SE and Filbert Road.  This King County-managed project is scheduled for construction starting early this year.   Learn more about it here.

Project Description

What is the North Creek Trail?

North Creek Trail is a regional multi-purpose shared use path linking the communities of Bothell, Mill Creek, and Everett. The proposed trail connects to the Regional Sammamish River Trail / Burke–Gilman Trail in King County and with the Snohomish County Regional Interurban Trail at McCollum Park (in Everett).

The City has worked with the Mill Creek and Snohomish County to complete planning work for key missing links of this regional trail. As planned and where conditions permit, the shared use path will be a separated, multi-use path, paved, 10–12 feet in width. In other areas, the path may consist of existing sidewalks and bicycle lanes along city streets or state highways. There are also areas where bicyclists may use the street while pedestrians use a separated path.

How Was Bothell's Portion of the Trail Decided?

In July, 2004 the Bothell City Council after several public meetings and two public hearings elected to proceed with development of a shared use path through Bothell on the alignment depicted in the attached maps. Click on the links to the right to view images of the selected alignment within the city limits of Bothell.

The development of environmental documentation, plans and specifications for selected phased link projects has been completed and project construction began in early spring of 2008. The emphasis for design and construction efforts will be from 195th Street NE near SR-405 in King County to 228th Street SE in Snohomish County.


Various federal grants have been received since 2000 for a total of approximately $5.5 million in funding.  The revised cost estimate for the five-plus miles of path located in Bothell is $8 million.  The City will continue to pursue additonal funding for the remainder of the project. 

Plans for North Creek Trail extend beyond Bothell's city limits.  Visit Snohomish County's North Creek Trail website to see what's going on with the trail beyond our current borders.

Updated May 26, 2016

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Project Facts

•    North Creek Trail is a regional multi-purpose shared use trail connecting the Burke Gilman/ Sammamish River Trail in King County and the Interurban Trail at McCollum Park in Snohomish County. 

•    Bothell City Council adopted the preferred trail route for North Creek in July 2004.

•    North Creek Trail was originally adopted in the City's 2003-2008 Capital Improvement Plan and subsequently updated in the City's 2009-2015 Capital Facilities Plan.

•    North Creek trail not only provides recreational use – it also serves commuters traveling between residential homes to activity centers, employment centers of the Business Parks, and UW Bothell/Cascadia Community College in Bothell.

•    The trail is a non-motorized mode of transportation (for pedestrians and bicyclists) and is part of a regional transportation plan that encourages alternative forms of transportation.

•    The project consists of a 10-12’ wide paved asphalt trail separated from the roadway and two non-motorized bridges.

•    There are two 100-foot long bridges over North Creek, one located next to NE 195th Street and the other next to 228th Street SE.  Both bridges are part of the regional trail.

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