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Recycling is Easy to Do...





How can I learn more about recycling or recycling programs?

Here is a list of programs offered by the City of Bothell or Waste Management that you can participate in:

What do I do with?

City Recycling Event

Grocery Bag Recycling E-Cycle Washington
Food Scrap Pail  
One Bag Challenge

Phone Book Opt Out

Recycling is Easy to Do...

Service Delays

If your service is interrupted due to inclement weather (i.e. snow, flooding, etc.) please check the Waste Management Weather Board  or call 800.592.9995 for updates and information.

Other Services....

  • Volunteering - if you are interested in being a part of making your City better you can become a volunteer
  • Surface Water - for a list of information and tips/tricks
  • Senior Programs - learn more about discount programs and services for senior citizens

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