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Water/Sewer Service

The Water Section is responsible for operation and maintenance of more than 71 miles of water mains, four reservoirs, four pumping stations, and bi-monthly reading of over 3,900 meters.

The Sewer Section is responsible for operation and maintenance of 58 miles of gravity main, five lift stations, and over 2,500 lineal feet of force main. Operational duties include maintaining lift stations, cleaning gravity mains, implementing the City's FOG (Fats Oil Grease) programs, responding to system emergencies, and customer issues.

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Call before you dig.

Puget Sound Energy Customers:

Call 8-1-1

Snohomish County PUD Customers:

Call 800-424-5555

Am I a City of Bothell Water Customer?

The City serves primarily the King County portion of Bothell.

Water Service Map

How do I turn my water off?
Most homes have a shut off valve located at the point where the service line enters the house.
Outstanding Utility charges?

To obtain outstanding utility charges for a specific address, fax your request to Finance/Utility Billing at 425.486.1992.

Meter reading?

The City reads meters every other month. Readings typically take place in February, April, June, August, October and December.

If you would like your meter re-read, please contact the Finance Department at 425.486.6250.

Tap & Connection charges?

To find out if Tap & Connection charges exist for a parcel, fax your request to Public Works at 425.486.2489.


To obtain outstanding utility charges for a specific address, fax your request to Finance at 425.486.1992.

Water leaks?
Water leaks can be reported to 425.488.0118 during business hours or call 911 after hours.

The homeowner is responsible for all repairs beyond the water meter; this includes the service line to the home.
What is a backflow assembly?

Backflow assemblies are devices that protect the public water system from private plumbing systems.

They must be tested upon their initial installation, annually, and when relocated or repaired.

Where can I find utility billing information?
Please visit the Utility Billing page.
Where does my water come from?

The City of Bothell  purchases 100% of finished water from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and manages it by the scheduling of pump cycles, maintaining reservoir levels and water main flushing. SPU provides all existing treatment including disinfection, fluoride addition and corrosion control.

What is the FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) program?

These are substances that when poured down your drain or into your garbage disposal, cause a build-up inside the pipes. This build-up over time will constrict the flow of water and eventually cause an expensive sewer backup into your home.

To prevent a sewer backup, pour cooled oils and grease into a covered disposable container and throw it away in the garbage, then compost all of your food scraps.