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Posted on: June 23, 2021

Extreme High Temps Forecasted: Stay Cool. Stay Hydrated.

Extreme Heat Alert

Record-breaking heat is expected across our area Friday into early next week. Hot temperatures and dry conditions mean we all need to think about personal safety and increased fire risks. Older adults, young children, and people with mental illness and chronic diseases are at highest risk for heat-related illness. But, even young and healthy individuals can suffer if they participate in strenuous physical activities during hot weather. Help protect yourself, loved ones, neighbors, pets, and property by following these recommendations: 


Keep Yourself Cool and Stay Hydrated  

  • Dress in lightweight, light colored, and loose-fitting clothing. 
  • Take a cool shower or bath, or place cool washcloths on your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol and large amounts of sugar because they can actually de-hydrate your body. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. 
  • Spend more time in places with air conditioning.  Restaurants, shopping malls, or stores can be cool places to beat the heat.  
  • The Bothell Library is currently closed for in-library visits, but plans to reopen July 2nd
  • The Northshore Senior Center is open as a cooling center from 11am to 6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 


Keep Your Home Cool  

  • Take some steps now to try and keep your home cool and do not rely on only a fan as your primary cooling device.  
  • Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun. 
  • Weather-strip doors and windows and add insulation to keep the heat out. 
  • Use window reflectors such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside. 
  • Avoid using ovens or stoves if possible to keep temps down. 


If You Go Outside 

  • Limit the time you're in direct sunlight. 
  • Do not leave infants, children, people with mobility challenges and pets in a parked car, even with the window rolled down.
  • Avoid or reduce doing activities that are tiring, or take a lot of energy.
  • Do outdoor activities in the cooler morning and evening hours. Avoid sunburn. Use a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (sun protection factor) rating.
  • We expect many may be swimming in local rivers and lakes to cool off.  Know the water, know your limits and always wear a life jacket.  

Practice Common Sense and Fireworks Safety 

We encourage our community to celebrate Independence Day safely, whether at home or out in the community.  Fireworks may be discharged legally, but we need everyone to be exceptionally cautious. These record-setting temperatures and dry conditions increase our fire risk and community safety is our primary concern. If you choose to do fireworks, please remember:  

  • Fireworks may only be discharged on July 4 between 9am and 11pm.  
  • Fireworks are prohibited on public property such as parks, schools, streets and sidewalks. 
  • Read more of Bothell Fire’s best safety practices and tips. 


If hot and dry conditions lead to extreme fire danger, City Council may issue a city-wide temporary order prohibiting the sale, possession and use of consumer fireworks.

The City Manager and Fire Chief make this recommendation based on the evaluation of vegetation moisture, temperature and humidity metrics established by State and regional authorities. Bothell’s Fire Marshall is monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as they are available.  

Follow Bothell Fire on Facebook or Twitter for any changes and NWS Seattle for the most current weather conditions and heat advisories.  

Thank you Bothell for taking safety precautions and looking out for your vulnerable neighbors and family members! 


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