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Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. 2023 Art Night Vendor Application
  2. 2023 Grand Marshal Nomination
  3. Concessions Request

    For groups wishing to sell concessions (food, merchandise, etc.) at a tournament or event.

  4. Informal Use Field Request

    Informal Field Use is any scheduled use for nine (9) or less specific dates.

  5. North Creek Schoolhouse Rental Application
  6. Tournament Request

    For groups wishing to schedule a tournament at the North Creek Sportsfields.

  7. Volunteer Sign-in Form - Events/One-time Projects

    This form is for City of Bothell volunteers to track their hours and agree to volunteer agreement language.

  8. Volunteer with the City of Bothell

    Get involved in your community by donating your time and service! The City of Bothell has a number of volunteer opportunities... More…

  1. 2023 Fourth of July Parade Application
  2. Bench Donation Program Interest Form
  3. Formal Use Field Request

    For organizations scheduling ongoing use throughout a season, or groups scheduling ten (10) or more dates.

  4. Lytle House Rental Application
  5. Park Reservation Request
  6. Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the City of Bothell. A City staffer will respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks... More…

  7. Volunteer Sign-in Form - Reoccurring Projects

    This form is for approved City of Bothell volunteers to track their hours.