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Lytle House Rental Application

  1. Lytle House Rental Application
    Thank you for your interest in renting the Lytle House! Once we receive your rental application, we will contact you to confirm your date/time and process payment. | Please note: full payment and deposit are due at time of booking - we will not hold a date without receiving payment. | Reservations not made at least 30 days in advance are subject to staff availability. | Applicants must be at least 21 years of age in order to rent the Lytle House. | Questions? Call Parks & Recreation at (425) 806-6760.
  2. lytle house square
  3. Lytle House Fees 2018 (Fees updated annually and subject to change)
    HOURLY FEE (min. 3 hours): R $91/NR $108 | DAMAGE DEPOSIT (refundable): Events not serving alcohol $200/Events serving alcohol $400 | KITCHEN USE: R$30/NR $38 (per rental)
  4. Is your event open to the public?*
    (If yes, liability insurance is required)
  5. Are you advertising to the public?*
    (If yes, liability insurance is required)
  6. Will you be charging admission?*
    (If yes, liability insurance is required)
  7. Will you be serving beer and/or wine?*
    (If yes, liability insurance AND a Special Occasion License/Banquet Permit are required and must be submitted to Parks & Recreation 30 days before your event)
  8. Will you use the kitchen?*
    (Kitchen use: R $30/NR $38 per rental)
  9. Are you hiring a third party vendor for your event? (caterer/bartender, DJ, entertainer, etc.)*
  10. Third Party Vendors
    It is your responsibility to make all vendors aware of rental policies. | Caterers: absolutely NO sterno candles/open flames permitted (birthday candles ok).
  11. Will there be music at your event?*
  12. If yes, how will the music be provided?
  13. Amplified Sound
    It is unlawful to operate a powered public address system or amplified music speaker system or other means of amplified sound in any park areas without a written permit by the parks and recreation director or his or her designee. Battery operated portable radios and tape players are permitted; provided they shall not be operated at a volume or in any manner which unreasonably disturbs the peace of others and cannot be heard 75 feet from the source. (Bothell Municipal Code 8.60.370)
  14. Decoration Policies
    Decorations may be attached to the walls with reusable “poster putty” adhesive or blue painters tape only. No tacks, staples, other tape, or Command hooks allowed. Affixing anything to ceilings, lights, or windows/window frames is prohibited. No confetti/party poppers or candles allowed (birthday candles ok).
  15. Are you renting equipment?*
  16. Equipment Rentals
    Lytle House staff cannot sign for or accept any deliveries or equipment rentals. All deliveries and equipment setup must take place within your scheduled rental time.
  17. Lytle House equipment to be used:
  18. Lytle House equipment to be used:
  19. Lytle House Equipment Setup
    Renter is responsible for all setup/teardown of tables, chairs, and other equipment during their scheduled time.
  20. Are you interested in reserving the Park at Bothell Landing amphitheater for your event?*
  21. Will you require electricity?
    (Electricity: $23/hr)
  22. Park at Bothell Landing Amphitheater
    Just outside the Lytle House, the amphitheater easily holds 500+ people. Great for outdoor weddings, concerts, and more! | Amphitheater costs R$65/NR $82 (per hour), plus $100 damage deposit (refundable). Additional charge of $23/hr for use of electricity.
    The undersigned hereby requests, of the City of Bothell Parks & Recreation, use of the facilities described on the park reservation form and certifies that the information in its request is correct. The undersigned agrees to exercise the utmost care in the use of these facilities and property and by signing below applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City, its elected and appointed officials and employees while acting within the scope of their duties, from any and all claims, demands and causes of action of any kind or character, foreseen or unforeseen, for damages including but not limited to personal injury, death or property damage as well as the cost of defense costs, court costs, witness and attorneys' fees, in any way arising out of the granting of this permit or arising out of the applicant's use of the public area or other premises permitted by this permit, except for damages arising out of the City's sole negligence. Applicant expressly waives his/her immunity under title 51 of the Revised Code of Washington, the Industrial Insurance Act, for injuries to his/her employees and agrees that the obligation to indemnify, defend and hold harmless provided for in this paragraph extends to any claim brought by or on behalf of any employee of the applicant. I have read the above rules and regulations for City of Bothell Parks & Recreation and agree to abide by them. | There is no legal or binding commitment between the Renter and the City of Bothell until after the Rental Contract is signed by both parties and rental fees have been paid in full.
  24. I have read and agreed to above Waiver of Liability*
    More than 30 days' notice of cancellation: Full refund | 15 to 30 days' notice of cancellation: 50% of fee (unless re-rented) | Less than 15 days' notice of cancellation: No refund (unless re-rented) | 100% refund if reservation is cancelled by City
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