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Public Works

  1. Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) Questions

    Do you have a question about the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)? Submit this form with your contact information to receive a response... More…

  2. CTR Registration

    This form is for City of Bothell employees only. It must be completed annually to participate in the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)... More…

  3. Garbage Service Questions/Missed Pickup
  4. Recycle Event Voucher Request

    Vouchers are for City of Bothell residents only.

  5. Wastemobile Checklist Request

    This a form to request a Wastemobile checklist be sent to you. The checklist makes it easier to identify items you can take to the... More…

  1. CIP - Construction Form

    Complete this form to request a new page be added to the Capital Improvement Project section of the City website for a construction... More…

  2. Fleet Request

    Use this form to request maintenance of repair service on a City of Bothell vehicle.

  3. Public Works web page update

    Complete this form to request a revision to an existing Public Works web page. This form is not for the creation of new web pages. ... More…

  4. Request for Tap & Connection Charges

    To find out whether tap & connection charges exist for a parcel or address within Bothell's city limits, fill out this form. Check to... More…