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CIP - Construction Form

  1. Capital Improvement Projects - Construction Form
    This form is for City of Bothell Public Works Engineers to request internal website postings.
  2. List the name of the engineer responsible for the project.
  3. What is the name of the project as it is referred to by the public.
  4. Describe or provide a brief overview of the project in two to three sentences.
  5. List any key dates for the project including aniticipated start date and end date. Dates do not have to be specific, for example, they can be March 2020 or Fall 2021.
  6. What are the potential or known traffic impacts the community should anticipate because of this project? Please include cross streets with any locations for traffic impacts.
  7. Upload a map image of the project site.
  8. Are there any communications you have sent to the community? What was sent, who was it sent to, and when was it sent?
  9. This field is not required but should be filled in if the information is necessary for public awareness.
  10. Is this project part of the Safe Streets & Sidewalks Program?*
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