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Public Records Request


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    1. City Logo

    2. This request must describe an identifiable record. The City is not required to create a new record to comply with the Public Records Act.

    3. Are you requesting Police Records?*

    4. Please provide as much information as possible to assist staff in locating the records quickly. Examples: specific dates or date ranges, document titles, names, addresses, parcel numbers. Attach separate page, if necessary.

    5. If sensitive electronic or mapped data is being requested, the Supplemental Request for GIS Records is also required.

    6. Requested As-Built/As Designed Building or Engineering Plans

    7. More details

      Would you like to attach a document or photo to help clarify your request?

    8. PDF or JPG files only

    9. Payment Options: Cash, Check, Visa or Master Card

    10. Initials*

      By checking this box, I am initialing my consent. If I have requested a list of names, I certify that the information obtained through this public records request will not be used to commercial purposes. RCW 42.56.070(9)

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      By checking this box, you are authorizing your signature.