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1. Is garbage service required in Bothell?
2. What is the rate for commercial garbage services?
3. Does the city have a recycling event?
4. What is Wastemobile?
5. What items can I take to Wastemobile?
6. When and where is the Wastemobile?
7. What items are accepted for curbside recycling?
8. How do I set up garbage service?
9. How do I recycle (blank)?
10. How do I sign up for the recycling event?
11. Who can I contact if I have large donations?
12. What is the cost for the recycling event?
13. How do I request recycling or sustainable education at my school or student educational program (like cub Scouts, after school clubs, summer camps, etc)
14. Can I take a tour of the recycling center?
15. When is the next shredding event?
16. How do I schedule an inspection?