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1. When does the change go into effect?
2. Will the look of my bill change?
3. How do I set up online access to view and pay my bill?
4. What type of payment options are available?
5. Do I need to change my information if I currently have a bank bill pay service established for my account?
6. Why is the blue mailer important?
7. I own multiple properties with water and/or sewer services provided by the City of Bothell. What changes can I expect to see with my information?
8. What does Owner Only Accounts mean?
9. Who pays the City of Bothell Water & Sewer bill?
10. I currently have an account set up under a tenant. Do I need to do anything?
11. What if I currently have a property management or third party payer established on my utility account?
12. How do I start or stop service if I am purchasing or selling a home?
13. How do I setup an account for rental properties?
14. How do I notify you about an extended vacation or vacancy?
15. What do I do about water leaks or requesting credits to my bill for charges from water leaks?
16. Why do I receive a bill from King County?